The increased use of wearable devices such as fitness devices now means that there should be widespread acceptance of wearable medical/ healthcare devices that monitor and upload data to clinicians, without resistance from patients. It has been normalised as more and more of us use wearables as well as phone apps for a variety of functions. At Gm Design Development, we have recently been developing a watch for use with a common healthcare product and we see the trend for all wearables increasing. This article highlights the current trend.

Making patent application for medical devices - Gm Design Development UK

For over 15 years, we have helped numerous inventors & startup companies develop their concepts and ideas into commercially successful products. Often inventors come to us with a one-off prototype and do not know how to develop this from this early-stage prototype to a viable commercial product that can be mass-produced. Typically, Design for Manufacture […]

sheet metal fabricated product

I’ve designed sheet metal fabricated products for many companies including Megger, Hybaid and Delagua to name a few. Gm Design Development is experienced designing sheet metal products, using a specialist sheet metal fabrication software… a module within the 3D CAD software. It allows us to fully define sheet metal components and then to flatten the […]

3DCAD design services

I personally have over 25 years’ experience successfully designing injection moulded products. Gm Design development are experts in 3D CAD. We use both SolidWorks and PTC Creo to design injection moulded products and components. Using advanced surface modelling techniques and Top-down assembly modelling, we can deliver you highly sophisticated product form as well as large […]

medical device development uk

Gm Design Development is experienced in designing medical devices – both diagnostic and surgical applications. We use 3D CAD to design in detail and fully engineer the components to deliver innovative medical devices. Creo and SolidWorks are our preferred CAD software. To deliver a successfully device, there are many factors that go into the design. […]

3D CAD Surface analysis undertaken at Gm Design Development UK

As an industrial designer, I have been using 3D CAD to develop designs and fully engineer products for manufacture. Creo and SolidWorks are my preferred CAD software.At Gm design Development, we undertake all aspects of product design, from concept generation to production and we use 3D CAD extensively.Key area we are experts in are: Advanced […]

Design for manufacture strategy UK

Underestimating the design for manufacture activities within your product development can lead to costly tooling modifications and additional time required to correct the problems. Some of the common mistakes that are made include: Failure to take account of these important aspects early in the design process can lead to increased time and costs and a […]

Advances in technology allowing for medical treatment in the home is already delivering huge savings for the NHS by allowing the strategy of ‘virtual hospital wards’.The Medway NHS Foundation trust is using an infusion pump produced by Vygon UK to allow patients to remain in their own home. The patients’ vital signs are remotely monitored […]

antigen rapid lateral flow test

Monitoring our own health and diagnosing conditions are becoming more common and will become increasingly necessary in the management of our health. Various diagnostic tests can now be performed in our home. Common types are typically saliva and blood tests.If performed correctly, many tests deliver accurate results, however the majority are less than ideal from […]

micro-fluidic reader designed by Gm Design Development UK

Gm Design Development collaborated in the development of a revolutionary portable device that can perform rapid high-sensitivity medical diagnostic tests that would normally need to be sent to a laboratory for analysis. GmDD was commissioned by Invitron , a UK based biotechnology company, to help with the design, development and engineering of the new […]