medical & healthcare design

Medical & healthcare product design & development

Gm Design Development has a proven track record in delivering complex medical devices to the market in a reliable and cost effective way. From the outset, we plan and undertake a detailed development programme to ensure key risk areas are identified and solved at the earliest possible stage. With medical device development, we understand the importance in tackling every detail of the project rigorously to deliver a successful product to the market place.

We have experience and expertise in designing products & devices in the following areas:

Orthopaedic,  Surgical devices and instruments,  Diagnostic products and devices,  Assay based tests including chemiluminescence assay test,  Point of care (POC) diabetes,  Respiratory,  Personal healthcare,  Drug delivery,  Wearable technology,  Woundcare,  Disposable products,  Scientific,  Medical electronics,  Quality and regulatory

Orthopaedic device development

We have developed a number of orthopaedic devices, including a hip-revision device.

Surgical device and instrument development

Our ability to develop greater functionality and safety features into devices such as needles is typical of the design improvements we bring to many product areas. We have also developed in the past, several catheter securement devices for a global pharmaceutical company.

Assay based test development

Assay based test device

An ever increasing range of assay based tests are being developed to replace laboratory based blood tests. Many are now available as a simple test performed in a doctor’s surgery, or even as a home-based test. We have developed many such devices including a number of products for diabetics.

Respiratory product development

CPAP face mask

We have developed a range of respiratory products including several for COPD sufferers. These products must be used for long periods of time both in and out of the home. Overcoming stigma is an important aspect of the design.

Designing personal healthcare products

Finger pulse oximeter

We are involved in developing a greater number of personal healthcare products, allowing users to test themselves within their own home environment rather than visit the doctors surgery. It empowers patients and allows them to take control of their own conditions and act on the results in real-time.

Developing Drug delivery devices

asthma inhaler devices

Medicine is now taken by the patient in many different ways, from traditional inhalers for those suffering from asthma, injection of insulin by diabetes sufferers, through to absorption of drugs through the skin such as nicotine patches. Developing the technology into a usable product is a key part of what we do.

Developing wearable technology


Wearable technology is forming an increasing prominence in personal healthcare monitoring, either as standalone devices or a product that communicates with a main device. The wearable technology can provide a better experience for the user. For real-time monitoring, this can be particularly important and may improve patient compliance. We have experience in developing such devices that communicate via bluetooth.

Laboratory products

ADXLR5 rapid Lateral Flow immunoassay diagnostics and reader designed by Gm Design Development

We have developed several bench-top laboratory and scientific products including two rapid blood assay products for Abingdon Health. These devices have integrated capacitive touch screen LCDs that enable a hygienic way to operate the device, as well as enable information to be displayed clearly to the operator.

We have experience developing GUI (Graphical User Interface) designs for healthcare and laboratory products. Managing nurse and patient ID, and linking this to Cartridge/ sample ID and the actual test itself is also an area we have developed solutions for.

We also have experience developing thermal cycler products including a rotisserie product and a PCR Express product.