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For over 15 years, we have helped numerous inventors & startup companies develop their concepts and ideas into commercially successful products.

Often inventors come to us with a one-off prototype and do not know how to develop this from this early-stage prototype to a viable commercial product that can be mass-produced. Typically, Design for Manufacture (DFM) expertise is required which is where Gm Design Development can help. If your product requires injection moulded plastic component design, sheet metal fabrication design or aluminium cast components. We have huge experience in these areas.

Using our specialised 3D CAD software and product design expertise, we can develop your product fully in 3D CAD, producing updated prototypes in-house via 3D printing or CNC machining. We can also produce fully finished appearance models, fully sprayed to look-like the final product as well as produce photo realistic renders of your product enabling you to use these to attract investors, secure grants as well as for the general marketing of your product.

In addition to the design expertise, we can advise on applying for grants, including Innovate UK, crowd funding, advice on patents, design registration and copyright. We will also undertake early stage brainstorming on ideas and concepts, market research to ensure you develop the optimum product for your desired market.

If you are an inventor and need to help, then please get in touch and have a discussion on how we can help.

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Graeme Maisey, Director