"Helping you secure funding with photo-realistic visualisation and animations"

Visualisation services at Gm Design Development

Product visualisation services offered at Gm Design Development UK

Visualisation is an important tool to enable designs to be reviewed and evaluated prior to detailed design and manufacture. Either rendering 2D sketches & drawings, or photo-realistic renders directly from the 3D CAD data. These images enable important market research to be carried out to ensure the design meets expectations and provides the evidence for the choice of design.

Photorealistic renders

We produce photo-realistic renders of designs directly from 3D CAD. It is a relatively quick process and allows you to visualise both early designs and final designs. They also, allow the designs to be communicated effectively to focus groups.


We can show the operation of your product in use, including the changes to electronic displays. Producing photo-realistic storyboard animations of your product is a great tool for focus groups.

Branding & marketing

We look to strengthen your branding with the design of your new product. The visuals form an integral part for your marketing material.

UI design

We make the user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible. We can communicate the interaction with a capacitive touch screen for example, using photo-realistic rendering and animation.

Project funding & securing grants

Photo renders and animations are a great way to communicate your design to help secure funding prior to the physical product being produced. This ensures your potential funders can visualise your new product and see how it functions.