Technical R&D

Technical Research and Development services offered at Gm Design Development

R&D at Gm Design DevelopmentResearch and development and designing proof-of-principle test rigs are a fundamental activity within our consultancy

R&D based activities play an important part in the development of any product. We see this as a creative process that takes place at an early stage of the development of a product. We actively research new technologies, looking how they can be utilised in new products. We build prove-out rigs to verify the application of the technology. This can be a crucial stage where IP can be created and protected. We can help with these activities by working with patent attorneys, producing the drawings so patents and design registrations can be applied for.

Application of new technology
Our design team is always looking at how new technologies can be used in the products we develop. Considering electronic components such as OLEDs, flexible displays – looking at how they might improve the existing design of the product.

This has become increasingly important within many of the healthcare and medical products we design. Many products link directly back to clinicians, with some devices monitoring patients in real-time.

Emerging technology
We keep abreast of emerging technology and how it could influence how future products should be designed.

We research advances in technology such as materials, finishes as well as manufacturing processes such as 3D Printing.

POP (proof of principle) test rigs
We aim to test key aspects of a design, using test rigs to ensure all aspects work reliably. This could be mechanisms, microfluidics, etc.

Device development
We develop the design in 3D CAD and use the testing undertaken on the test rigs to help guide the design. We use the 3D data to prototype the components and build the entire product.

Electronic development
We work with electronic engineers to develop the electronics. We define the electro-mechanical design fully within our 3D CAD package ensuring the design is integrated with any case mouldings.