Design for manufacture


    Surface analysis helps to guarantee the integrity of the external surfaces, particularly important on organic, highly polished surfaces


    We undertake draft analysis of all injection moulded components to ensure the parts can be moulded reliably with minimal rejects.


    We determine the most suitable gate position to avoid visible weld-lines in the moulding and ensure parts are of the highest quality.


    Producing fully dimensioned component drawings with tolerances to ensure parts are manufactured to specification.

“We select the correct manufacture strategy, managing the tooling and production”

Design for manufacture at Product Design Consultancy Gm Design Development UK

Gm Design Development UK ensures your designs meets manufacturing requirements

We have forged strong ties over the past 15 years with a number of manufacturers and works closely with them to ensure there are no unwanted surprises. It is a critical phase in any project, as well as often an expensive purchase for the client, so details need to be right to ensure expensive tool-re-work is avoided.

Working as one with the chosen manufacturer, we ensure the components are engineered to enable long-term, reliable manufacture. We agree in advance, the details of the Tool GA’s, specifying feed points, ejector pin positions and materials.

Our use of 3D CAD

3D CAD allows us to carry out full draft checks, component interference checks and mould flow analysis. We also produce detailed manufacturing specifications, to complement the 3D CAD data, such as detailed 2D component & assembly drawings.

Part analysis

Our CAD system allows for complete moulding analysis. We undertake full draft analysis of features to ensure they can be moulded successfully. Complex surfaces can be analysed, checking their curvature too, particularly important for highly reflective surfaces. Global interference checks are also carried out.

Component & Assembly drawing

Generate component and assembly 2D engineering drawings, fully dimensioned with tolerances to support the 3D data being issued.

Manufacturer selection

With over 20 years of experience working with toolmakers, moulders and manufacturers, our experience and knowledge enables us to advise you and guide you through the selection process. We have experience with dealing with both UK and Far East manufacturers.

Management of tool design

During the tool design process, we will work directly with the toolmakers, ensuring the tool design meets our requirements, ensuring gate and ejector pin positions are feasible and not on critical surfaces.

Drawing / part control

Part revision control is extremely important, particularly when developing medical devices. We maintain full drawing control throughout the development process.


We have experience working with specialist medical device manufacturers, as well as working with manufacturers around the world, from the UK to China. We can advise you on an appropriate manufacturer choice and production strategy.

Production planning / implementation

We can plan the production of your product. We work with several specialist companies. For electronic products, we work with electronic manufacturers who not only produce your PCBs but will also assemble your electronic product. For medical devices, we work with companies who can assemble your product in cleanrooms, pack and sterilise your medical devices.