innovation at Gm Design Development

Innovation keeps you ahead of your competitors

Innovation is at the heart of what Gm Design Development does. We are able to assist you in designing new products for your market, developing new commercial opportunities. Generating new product ideas is crucial to any company to keep it competitive. We can facilitate brainstorming and innovation workshops to help identify new commercial opportunities for your existing products and technology.
We undertake strategic product planning, looking at your product range and try to identify new areas of growth and how you may be able to exploit your market further, as well as opportunities to enter new markets.

Specification development
We generate a Design Specifications Document to ensure all the products specifications are defined, along with the user needs. The required standards are also identified and the regulatory requirements determined.

New product opportunities
Identifying opportunities to exploit existing and future technology, defining new innovative, commercial products for organisations.

Identification of future trends
Understanding of the latest technological advances, general trends and consumer behaviour ensures the products we design are future-proofed in all aspects, delivering long-term commercially successful products.

Research & development
Our R&D activities form a critical part of the early stage development activities. We design prove-out rigs to evaluated how effectively technology can be applied and prove the mechanical principles of the designs. This helps greatly to reduce risk knowing that all the key individual aspects of the design work effectively.

User research
Having a clear understanding of how users use a product, either existing or possible future products is key in helping to design a product that meets their requirements. For many medical products, a clear understanding of what a user can do physically, including any limitations is critical. We try to involve the end user in the design process, as early as possible, e.g. organising trials/usability studies and gathering feedback to input into the product design process.

Our experienced team will be able to assist you in planning the best strategy to bring your product to the market and make it successfully.

IP generation
Throughout the design development, we look to develop Intellectual Property for our clients, helping them to gain a commercial advantage over their competitors. This includes taking out patents around new technology or the application of a technology, or simply protecting the product’s appearance to stop it being copied by competitors by registering the design.

We look to strengthen a client’s brand identity by creating strong designs that reflect the business or industry the products are used in. We aim to bring consistency across the entire product range, so the client’s products are instantly recognised.