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Gm Design Development is experienced in designing medical devices – both diagnostic and surgical applications. We use 3D CAD to design in detail and fully engineer the components to deliver innovative medical devices. Creo and SolidWorks are our preferred CAD software.

To deliver a successfully device, there are many factors that go into the design. Our expertise and experience can help you to address all the critical details throughout the design process so you make the correct decisions.

Some critical areas:

  • Material selection
    • Medical resin grade – class VI
    • Bondable – material compatibility with chosen adhesive
    • Ultra-sonic welding – compatibility with USW process
    • Colour/ transparency – ensuring the resin colour can use UV cure adhesive if needed.
  • Component moulding design/ 3D CAD
    • Shut off designed correctly to avoid undesired flash.
    • Correct draft angle for specific resin and surface finish to ensure reliable ejection and no damage to component surface.
  • 2D component drawings – fully dimensioned with tolerances to ensure accurate components are consistently produced.
  • Anatomical design – ensuring the device or product is optimised for the specific anatomy.
  • Ergonomic design – ensure it can be used reliably by the clinician.
  • Tool design & selection
    • Tool steel selection
    • Number of cavities
    • Ejection pin/ blade position
    • Gate type and position.
  • Sterilisation requirements – ensuring the chosen materials used for the device is compatible with the required process. Single use/ one-off or repeat sterilisation cycles.
    • Gamma
    • Steam autoclave.
  • Designing medical packaging – construction such as vacuum pack & Tyvek lid
    • Packaging manufacturer – same as device manufacturer or an alternative supplier
    • Sterilisation company – undertaken at the manufacturers or sent away to be processed.

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