Product life cycle

The global market for point-of-care diagnostics is increasing dramatically and is forecast to reach $18.7bn in 2014, rising from $13.4bn in 2009. The ability to deliver laboratory results outside of the hospital environment is enabling this increase, with blood glucose monitoring and blood chemistry & electrolyte providing the two main segments, along with cardiac markers, the third and fastest growing segment.

Consumers now demand results instantly and obtaining them when it is convenient to them, fitting in with their busy lifestyles. For instance, blood glucose monitoring allows diabetics to put their health management in their own hands and allows them to supply historical data to their doctors, when they choose to.

Many tests that started out in laboratories, are now being developed into personal home testing devices and over recent years, we at Gm Design & Development have developed many such devices. This is playing a big part in how consumers now and will manage their healthcare, combine this with improvements to telecommunications and the future of healthcare is looking very interesting.

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If you are a recent graduate or a more experience product designer, then we would love to hear from you. Please send you CV/ portfolio to We are interested in designers with good concept sketching skills/ visualisation and/ or technical/ all rounder. Many of our projects are technically challenging but conceptual/ innovation activities play […]

My colleagues and I will be attending the Med-Tech Innovation Expo at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry this Wednesday 25th April. If you would like the chance to meet up, then do let me know before the day. Thank you. Graeme Maisey Director Gm Design Development Mob: 07866 124 282 Please share…FacebookGoogle+TwitterLinkedinTumblremail

At Gm Design Development, we work with local Surrey-based businesses to design and engineer their new products. We use 3D CAD extensively, using packages such as PTC Creo to develop their technically challenging products for manufacture. Our design studio based in Surbiton, Surrey is only a 10-minute drive up the A3 from Junction 10 inside […]

At Gm Design Development, we work with many London based businesses to design and engineer their new products for them. Our Greater London design studio is only a 20-minute train journey from London Waterloo, inside the M25 by car. As well as established London-based businesses, we work with start-up businesses based at the Imperial College […]

conductive fabric being used for diagnostic devices

At Gm Design Development, we have recently been testing some amazing electrically conductive fabric for use in a healthcare application. The material shown feels just like any piece of standard clothing, but it conducts reliably. There are many types available, from silky feel material to conductive foam. As a keen sportsman and rugby player, I […]

orthopaedic implants at Gm Design Development

In the past few years, we have been involved in the development of several orthopaedic devices, including hip and spinal implants. We created solutions to solve problems such as deployment and fixation methods, how to address the variation of patient size using a modular design as well as expansion mechanisms. These have been key design […]

At Gm Design Development, we work with businesses across East and West Sussex design and engineering their new products. We use 3D CAD extensively including packages such as PTC Creo. Our design studio is based just inside the M25, Junction 10, a 30-minute drive from London Gatwick airport. so ideally positioned for both local and […]

Mobile phone health app

Over the past fifteen years, we have designed numerous healthcare products including assay readers and several blood glucose meters. The earliest glucose meters used a plug-in cable that allowed user to download their results to a computer for analysis. Today, the process is much simpler, with modern smart phones and improved connectivity on both devices, […]

Engineering 2D CAD drawing produced at Gm Design Development

Gm Design Development is interested in talking with companies who are seeking an innovative team to assist them with their new product development in 2017. Our multi-disciplinary team specialises in developing technically challenging products in all sectors. We work with global organisations as well as start-ups and undertake the full design process, from concept through […]

As a company who designs many plastic products, we are acutely aware of the environmental impact these have on our planet. We have always tried to minimise this through good design so products can be easily recycled. The issue around recycling coffee cups has been highlighted a lot in the mainstream media recently. One company […]