As environmental concerns rise ever higher up the agenda, innovation in packaging is taking place within the packaging industry. Additives can be added which causes polythene to degrade harmlessly upon exposure to sunlight. Biothene causes a catalysed reaction which breaks down the long molecular chains in the material, allowing polythene products to degrade harmlessly in […]

Occurrences of MRSA and other hospital infections are mentioned everyday in the media. Clearly, cleaning plays in big role in reducing the chance of infection, along with good personal hygiene, however material technology is also playing its part. A huge amount of development has taken place in materials with antibacterial properties. The additive is added […]

Many of the medical and healthcare products we use require the use of specific medical-grade elastomers. The elastomers often need to be odourless, be latex-free, and contain no phthalates. Phthalates have primarily be used to help soften Polyvinyl Chloride, but are being phased out in the United States, Canada and EU due to health concerns. […]