Tandberg Television encoder units

Tandberg Television Encoder units - rack mounted design

Encoder unit design and development

It was important that the encoder panels stood out from the crowd as a quality product in the rack environment. The fascia panel was redesigned alongside the chassis of the unit. Previously, the fascia panels were manufactured in extruded aluminium with film membrane technology, which was expensive and looked somewhat dated. An injection moulded approach was taken to deliver a unique aesthetic and a more three-dimensional feel to a wall of panels. 1U, 2U, 3U & 4U panels were developed in the range. The panels were moulded in Polycarbonate using aluminium tooling. A back-lit elastomer membrane keypad was used to deliver a more tactile feel for the operator. (Developed for Tandberg Television (now Mediakind, part of the Ericsson group) whist employed at Pearson Matthews).