Hypoguard Glucofix MIO glucose meter

Glucofix MIO blood glucose meter design

Blood glucose meter design and development

This meter was designed in conjunction with the GlucoMen Viso meter. They are both low cost, personal blood glucose meters using a capillary biosensor. The two meters although aesthetically very different for different markets, technically, they share a common electronic assembly including an identical PCB & LCD. The PCB was designed so there were two linked left, middle and right pads on the PCB. This enabled each of the meters to have its buttons located in different positions to create a different aesthetic.

The product was fully defined in ProENGINEER 3D CAD and the injection moulded components were drafted and a full manufacturing package prepared for the toolmaker. The meter was manufactured in the Far East by a manufacturer we have extensively used over the past 15 years. (Developed for Hypoguard (now part of arkray) whilst employed at Pearson Matthews).