As a company who designs many plastic products, we are acutely aware of the environmental impact these have on our planet. We have always tried to minimise this through good design so products can be easily recycled. The issue around recycling coffee cups has been highlighted a lot in the mainstream media recently. One company produces a bioplastic to solve this problem and what’s more, the material can be used for moulded components as well as packaging.

Biome Bioplastics –

We would really like to see Bioplastics being used much more in the mainstream and for companies to actively request the use of them in their product specification. These plant-based materials, made from potato starch, sugar cane or cellulose from trees could really help address recycling problems as well as solve the issue of litter we see disposed of irresponsibly.

If you are considering developing a new product using Bioplastics, then get in touch with us at Gm Design development to discuss what can be achieved.