Hygiene and cross contamination are a growing concern in all types of environments, from hospitals, through to work environments and even the domestic home. Establishing ways to reduce the likelihood of infections from E.Coli, MRSA and black mould is becoming easier in the injection moulding process thanks largely to many of the silver-based antimicrobial additives.

There are however, some limitations with these types of additives as they can have a negative impact in certain polymers, such as impact modified nylons. The silver based additives can cause rapid discolouration, even before the moulding process has taken place. There are however alternative antimicrobial additives that do not have any effects on impact modified Nylons and we have knowledge of the various types and their uses.

If you are looking to develop a product which could benefit from being moulded in an antimicrobial plastic, then please get in touch with the team at Gm Design Development and hopefully we can assist you from the start to develop your new product or device.