Consumer and industrial

Consumer and industrial product design

We have developed several consumer products from torches to multi-meters. Many consumer products now also cross over into the healthcare sector also. Creating a consistent and strong brand across the full range of your products is something the team at Gm Design Development can help with.

We develop products from concept right through to production. We generate designs and ideas at an early phase, enabling clients to secure valuable IP. We organise focus groups to gather feedback and research on our designs to ensure they meet your customers’ expectations.

Designs are developed further in 3D CAD and continued through to production. We have a wealth of experience designing injection moulded products and understand fully moulding & tooling requirements, as well as the use of materials. We keep up to date with the advances in materials and processes to ensure not only the most appropriate materials are used, but your product can take advantage of the latest material developments.

Industrial – electrical testers
Electrical testers

We have developed a number of electrical testing products from PAT testers, multifunction testers and complete transformer test systems for a number of different companies. The construction of the products is critical in ensuring all the electrical safety requirements are met.

Industrial – rack mounted units

We have developed a number of rack system products, from a range of encoder units, to rack based standalone electrical testing products. We use specialised sheet metal fabrication 3D CAD software to ensure components and assemblies can be manufactured successfully, allowing the part design to be flattened as a pattern so it can be transferred to the manufacturer accurately.

Rack mounted unit

rack mounted product

Rack unit assembly

rack unit