Inventors clinic

Welcome to the inventors clinic at Gm Design Development, Surbiton, Surrey.

We know there are many inventors and start-ups with good ideas who require advice on how best to take their design idea through to a commercial product. Having spent over 20 years designing and developing successful commercial products, we are well placed to help.

We will provide the opportunity for you to come in and discuss your idea informally with us, to establish how we can help with your invention or design idea. Any discussion will be under a confidentiality agreement so you are in total control and remain owner of your idea or invention. Our aim is to advise you on the possible paths you could take and discuss how we can help.

It is important to understand the realistic costs to develop your idea. For some ideas, self-funded might be an option, for others, some external funding might be required. We have experience in accessing funding streams and writing proposals to secure such funding from small, grants for individual prototypes or patent work, through to a full development project.

So if you are an inventor or you are a start-up wishing to discuss the development of your product, please get in touch.

Design services Gm Design Development offers to inventors and start-ups:

  • Financials & funding – advise what and when to spend money and possible grants available
  • Patent protection and design registration – how to generate and protect valuable intellectual Property and creation of the necessary drawings
    • The regions to seek protection in? UK, Europe, US, Worldwide, etc.
  • Design & development of your product idea
    • Concept design
    • Detailed design and engineering in 3D CAD
  • Prototyping
    • To help to develop a functional prototype of your product idea to prove it works
    • To communicate what the product will look like (an appearance model)
    • As an additional tool to communicate your design to help secure funding
  • Manufacturing – typical costs to manufacture your product
    • UK and Far East manufacturers – we have partners who can help
  • Validation & certification – the standards your product will need to meet and the appropriate testing bodies
  • Commercialisation – Entry to the market. Gain an appreciation on how you might bring your product to market. Routes in, distribution, etc.