Design for manufacture

Manufacture services at Gm Design Development

Ensuring your designs meet manufacturing requirements

Gm Design Development has forged strong ties over the past 15 years with a number of manufacturers and works closely with them to ensure there are no unwanted surprises. It is a critical phase in any project, as well as often an expensive purchase for the client, so details need to be right to ensure expensive tool-re-work is avoided.

Working as one with the chosen manufacturer, we ensure the components are engineered to enable long-term, reliable manufacture. We agree in advance, the details of the Tool GA’s, specifying feed points, ejector pin positions and materials.

Our use of 3D CAD

3D CAD allows us to carry out full draft checks, component interference checks and mould flow analysis. We also produce detailed manufacturing specifications, to complement the 3D CAD data, such as detailed 2D component & assembly drawings.

Design for manufacture at Gm Design Development