We are so used to buying all sorts of products, take them home, use them and then dispose of them as soon as they are broken, become obsolete or we simply think we need a new one. Let alone non-durable, low involvment FMCGs (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), which we dispose of in a matter of days, without even imagining the amount of waste that is generated by them.

With over 12 million views, The Story of Stuff is a short animation movie that explains the lifecycle of everyday products and its impact on the environment. This successful animation has been shown in schools, community events and businesses around the world, proving to be a powerful tool to spread the word about our environmentally careless lifestyles.

In the movie Annie Leonard presents key environmental facts that we should all be aware of, which are too often ignored by most consumers. The Story of Stuff’s online community includes over 150,000 activists who are supported by grants from both private and public foundations, donations and revenue from public talks, DVD and book sales.

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